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Sewing Machines and Sewing Projects

Sewing machine technology has come a long way in the last 150 years or so -- especially in the last 20 or 30 years since computerized sewing technology has emerged. Computerized sewing machines offer dozens and dozens of elegant and fancy stitches -- I have one of them and it's a great machine.

However, while there are wonderful machines produced today, machines made nearly 100 years ago are still being used! And they're producing really quality work!

I bought a 70 year old machine that's been actively sewing for the last 70 years. And it will probably be sewing for the next 70 years -- and maybe the 70 after that! These machines are simple and sturdy -- there's no reason they can't last longer ... well, longer than we will!

While it's easy to find these machines -- millions and millions were manufactured -- it's not always easy to find information on using these machines. I've built some "sewing diary" pages listing simple projects and different machines I used to make these projects. Hopefully, this might give you an idea how capable and easy to use these machines are.

The Sewing Machines (and extras)

Sewing Projects


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